“Tan Wan” brand
We run our online game publishing business primarily under the brand of “Tan Wan” brand and are devoted to marketing, operating and incubating entertainment products authorized to us or owned by us. “Tan Wan” brand, known for maximizing the lifetime value of a game product through precision marketing and in-depth operation to realize its long-lasting effects, is now becoming an online game publishing brand widely accepted by Chinese players. Till now, we have been working on the marketing and operating of over 310 games (including 11 games for 5+ years and 28 games for 3+ years), with cumulative registered users exceeding 418 million, achieving an average MAU of 10 million, successfully creating many popular premium games.

Main Products

Legend of Origin Qi-Xiong Hegemony Anti-fraud Heroes

《Legend of Origin》Our Legend IP

Launched in June 2020, Legend of Origin is an authentic premium ARPG game. It follows the classic login interface, three-character class, map and monster design, with meticulous details. In terms of gameplay design, with three legendary classic gameplay "upgrade, explosive equipment, sand-attack" as the core, it combines various gameplay of monster siege, multiplayer group battle, auction merchant, mine digging, spell protection, etc.

《Qi-Xiong Hegemony Mobile Web Game》War Strategy

The game was created by the original team over two years, it is the first step of “Tan Wan” brand in the new segmentation of war strategy. The game will recreate the chaotic world of the seven heroes' struggle for hegemony, and remake classic war strategy gameplay for users to enjoy the thrill of fighting together with their brotherhood on the battlefield.

《Anti-fraud Heroes》Public welfare games

“Tan Wan” brand, together with the Shangrao Municipal Public Security Bureau of Jiangxi Province and the Public Security Bureau of Xinzhou District, launched the public welfare game "Anti-fraud Heroes". It is a story interactive public welfare game with immersive interactive experience. The purpose of the game is to introduce the players of how the fraudsters play their tricks step by step, so as to protect themselves and their families from fraud.

Celebrity Endorsers
>List of Past Celebrity Endorsers
(Only as a factual display of past cooperation, the specific scope of past cooperation is subject to the agreement of both parties)
  • Clara Lee
    Clara Lee
  • Gulinazha
  • Charles Heung
    Charles Heung
  • Kwok Fu Shing
    Kwok Fu Shing
  • Jacky Heung
    Jacky Heung
  • Taili Wang
    Taili Wang
  • Yang Xiao
    Yang Xiao
  • Bing Jia
    Bing Jia
  • Donnie Yen
    Donnie Yen
  • Yue Sun
    Yue Sun
Main Media Partners
Win-win cooperation with advanced enterprises
Bro Kooli Launched in late 2021, Bro Kooli is our self-created IP dedicated to promoting pop toy culture. We believe our overall brand awareness, industry-leading position and marketing capabilities in the digital entertainment industry enable us to attract and build a fast-growing, young and passionate fan base for our Bro Kooli pop toy IP through organic discovery and virality.
As our first pop toy IP since our Company step in the metaverse, we seize the fast growth of the pop toy IP market, further open up the game metaverse for the Z generation and build a pop toy IP metaverse for young people in advance. As of December 2022, the percentage of annual sales revenue of "BRO KOOLI" has exceeded 120%, and 13 channels have been developed throughout the year, becoming the single-month sales champion of the LOCKERR platform box drawer.
In October - Bro Kooli pop toy health care series blind box products launched,
achieving million sales record.ZX Inc. History
ZX Inc. - Provide one-stop services for a better life
At present, ZX Inc. has won more than 100 honours, such as "2022 Top 100 Chinese Internet companies in comprehensive strength", " 2021 Top 500 Asia Brands", "The Most innovative Companies in Greater Bay Area". In the process of digital business services, we have gradually accumulated and precipitated three core capabilities - precision digital marketing, in-depth operation and brand incubation capabilities. Based on the integration of three core capabilities, ZX Inc. has matched the preferences of end-users with appropriate interactive entertainment products or consumer goods, successfully incubating well-known brands with potential value such as "Tan Wan” brand, " Zha Zha Hui ", and "Bro Kooli".
Playing 「"Tan wan” brand」
Committed to becoming an online game publishing brand of preferred choice among Chinese players
Eating 「Zha Zha Hui」
Becoming one of the fastest growing brands in the instant food industry
Enjoying 「BRO KOOLI」
Trendy pop toy brand for the younger generation
Drinking 「Coming soon…」
Creating a new style liquor brand and breaking new ground in the "Drinking" Fields
Zha Zha Hui Chic Instant Food
Zha Zha Hui
“Zha Zha Hui”, a national brand of delicious and fun China chic instant food. Originated from “Tan Wan” brand and born to create joy, Zha Zha Hui commits to eating and playing together with the younger generation, proposed "Be happy at wherever could slurp (嗦到之处皆开心)" as the brand slogan, dedicated to the creation and heritage of local specialties, with an emphasis on instant prepared rice noodles under the solo dining scene.
As a trendy instant food brand, Zha Zha Hui takes Chinese cuisine as the main theme, regional flavour as the root, to pursue the brand value of authentic, delicious, healthy, and to improve the consumer experience through product development, packaging design, and brand IP. It also combines the China chic instant culture and authentic local flavour, to bring more delicious, trendy, happy instant food products to the younger generation. The figures show that Zha Zha Hui has become one of the fastest-growing brands in the instant food industry in terms of GMV. As of 2022, monthly sales of Zha Zha Hui exceeded 40 million yuan, GMV exceeded 315 million yuan. At the same time, we vigorously support agricultural products and industry in Jiaxing through the "digital countryside" public welfare program of Tan Wan With Love Charity Brand, help develop the rural economy, to lift more than 10,000 people out of poverty and increase their incomes, achieving a good result in helping agriculture, rural areas and rural people.
The Most Popular Rice Noodle Brand in 2022 China Rice Noodle Cultural & Creative Competition
The 4th iSEE AWARD Global Food Innovation Award TOP 100
During the year, our monthly sales exceeded 40 million, while the annual sales exceeded 270 million
In August - Monthly sales of Zha Zha Hui series products exceeded 10million
In December - The first cross-border offline concept store launched in Nanchang, Jiangxi
During the year, Zha Zha Hui realized GMV of 100 million
In May - Zha Zha Hui officially launched, Tmall flagship store opened
In October- Major product Nanchang mixed rice noodle was available online
In November - Nanchang mixed rice noodle was recognized as TOP 3 selling products on Tmall within 1 month of launching online
Xu Liang Xing Hai
“Xu Liang Xing Hai” is a proprietary technology platform independently developed by ZX Inc., it consists of proprietary business intelligence analytics system “Hetu” and omnichannel engagement platform “Luoshu”.
Since the platform launched, it has accumulated hundreds of billions of machine learning training sets and over 418 million registered users.

The Hetu System

Our proprietary business intelligence analytics system, our Hetu system, is capable of monitoring and analysing the marketing campaign results through various tags generated, helping our clients make better decisions based on thousands of indicators.

  • ZX Inc.’s proprietary business intelligence analysis system
  • Generates over 3,000 analytical indicators through monitoring and analysing the marketing campaign results
  • Be able to conduct sub-second data inquiry and analytics and generate key features of users in real-time

The Luoshu System

The Luoshu system features AI-driven omnichannel engagement recommendations based on the automated match of the interactive entertainment products and the traffic channels’ bidding systems with wild range and fast speed, enabling 1 million requests per second.

  • We have achieved centralized management of various collaborating media platforms through our intelligent omnichannel engagement platform, the Luoshu system, which in turn enhanced the efficiency for placement
  • We provide AI-driven omnichannel engagement recommendations, our Luoshu system has established connections with over 220 collaborating online media platforms
  • This also affords us access to a vast amount of end-user engagement and platform performance data to support our future business expansion